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Why buy from us?

The CBD Wellness Difference:

To us, you're more than a customer placing an order.  When you call CBD Wellness, we will ask you about your specific needs and provide the exact products you need for improved wellness. Our products are proven to work for many different customers with many different issues. Doctors and psychiatrists refer their patients to our CBD Wellness locations. Call today and get your personalized wellness plan, and take advantage of our discount prices. Pick up in the store, or receive fast and convenient shipping to your home. Free samples are available at our locations.

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a natural compound of cannabis. CBD has significant and proven benefits for many health conditions. Operating much like your central nervous system, your body also has an "Endocannabinoid Sytem."  Consuming 15-20mg of CBD each day restores the body to homeostasis, a natural state of balance.

CBD is:

A safe and natural supplement

Completely legal.

Medically and scientifically proven

Who can benefit?

CBD is truly an all-in-one, complete supplement. Relieve your dependence on pharmaceuticals with a safe, natural and affordable option.  CBD will help your body achieve its natural balance from many physical and mental conditions.

CBD is proven to assist with:

Physical pain & inflammation

Emotional stress & anxiety

Whole-body balanced health


The CBD Wellness difference:

Reliable advice and information on the best products, dosing format and wellness plan for your needs.

We Offer:

We offer the highest quality products. We will beat any CBD price in-store, by size and strength.

Convenient store pick up and home delivery options available

Are you ready to feel again?

A plan for everyone.

We make it simple to get started today

Daily dosage options as low

as $39.99/mo

We keep CBD prices low so you can afford to use it everyday.

Many formats: tincture, vape, gummies, cream, crumble, etc.

Many flavor options

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Healthy vapes startup kit


Includes rechargeable and refillable vape.

16.5ml of healthy CBD juice in any one of our many flavors.

Available with or without nicotine.

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If you are going to vape, vape healthy!

CBD products from CBD Wellness are a legal, safe, and effective way to balance your body naturally. If you suffer from any physical pain, emotional distress or discomfort, CBD may be the affordable natural way for you to live your best life. We can't wait to help you feel GOOD again.

Call today and get naturally!

CBD can help with almost any health concern.

If you or someone you love suffers with any type of pain, discomfort, disease, mental illness, addiction or other health challenges, CBD may be able to help.

Do you want the most out of life?

Even happy health adults can benefit from a CBD maintenance supplement. Keep your body and mind balanced and strong with this all-in-one whole body supplement. Start living your best life today!
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