Two Bottle Challenge

The best reasons to take our Two Bottle Challenge

My products are a full spectrum CBD rich WHOLE plant product with concentration of the right parts of the plant to target your needs and get results!  Be very CAREFUL of what you buy BEFORE you buy, because there are a lot of worthless products and misleading advertising out there.  A perfect example is products that use hemp seed oil. HERE IS NO CBD IN HEMP SEEDS! They press the seeds and then fill the bottle with useless oil and then add their own terpene blend!  That’s not a full spectrum product.

Some companies are very vague on the lab reports of what is in it, and this one brand is being sold in pharmacies and they are abusing your trust by selling it in a pharmacy to make you comfortable to spend your money and it’s overpriced! So before you buy, if you need education and advice on CBD products, please feel free to call me!  There are lots of different types of CBD: isolate, broad spectrum, full spectrum, distillates and a few more; so be careful.

CBD Wellness takes your issues very seriously and only wants you to get the right products and the results you want.  Call today to get more info on our exclusive 2 bottle challenge!